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Fabulous Mom - Biodegradable Baby Wipes (30s)

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Introducing Fabulous Mom Biodegradable Baby Wipes, which is also free from Paraben and fragrance. A socially responsible product by Fabulous Mom at unbelievably normal price. We say it's normally priced, as usually this type of 'prestige' product will be priced at almost mountain high price, if not sky high price. 
What are the benefits of using biodegradable product? 
The product will decompose naturally over short periods of time. This means that they won't sit in landfills when they get thrown out, and the matter of recycling them is less important. They will turn back into natural substances, and unlike other popular materials today, they don't take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose. All of this translates into less waste, and a better outcome for the environment. 
Perfect for messy mouth, sticky fingers and wet bottom. It's natural and safe to flush away.
  • - Flush-able & Biodegradable 
  • - Alcohol Free, Paraben Free & Fragrance Free
  • - Dermatologically Tested to be mild and gentle on skin

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