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Autumnz-Silicone Manual Breastmilk Collector (FOC Hygiene Cover)

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FREE Hygiene Cover !
  1. Small, portable and easy for mom-on-to-go 
  2. Soft and comfortable
  3. Easy to use and to clean
  4. Hygiene cover included 
  5. Made from 100% food grade silicone
  6. BPA Free
  7. Capacity : 4oz /90ml
  8. Size : 14.5cm x 8.5cm
  1. Wash the silicone manual breastmilk collector thoroughly before use*.
  2. Place it to your breast and give a light squeeze to apply some suction, while you are pumping or baby is latching on the other breast.
  3. If needed, reposition the manual breastmilk collector and give another squeeze until you get suction for the milk to flow down.
  4. Collected milk can be kept in Autumnz breastmilk storage bottles or pre-sterilised Double Zip Lock breastmilk storage bags.
* Do not use bleach or cleansers containing chlorine to clean.
Happy Breastfeeding ! 


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